clare Q davidovich 

Objects & Rituals thesis, 2020
︎ Illustration / Layout design
Final thesis project for my BFA, all about personal rituals and how the objects we own reflect these rituals. Process coming soon!
New branding system
for the LA Art Book Fair, 2018

︎ Illustration / Layout design

A new brand identity for LAABF created as a class project. The system uses erratic type pairings & illustration to represent the wide variety of publications shown during the fair. Event package includes posters, schedule booklet, and branded sticker sheet.
Prospectus booklet for my thesis
on Objects and Rituals, 2020 

︎ Illustration / Layout design
This booklet is a collection of research I did in preparation for my BFA thesis project. All about personal rituals and how the objects we own reflect these rituals.
Blur Magazine, 2019

︎ Layout design
A magazine I created for class about the aesthetics of digitally rendered reality, focusing on artists using virtual reality in relation to art and design. The first three articles cover CGI 3D makeup, virtual 3D fashion, and makeup that uses digital/physical to trick the eye.
Artists shown: @ines.alpha,, @vesperucca.
50th Anniversary Blazers schedule, 2019

︎ Illustration / Layout design
Portland Blazers event schedule using retro graphics to celebrate 50 years as a team. 
Spur, a typeface. 2020

︎ Type design / Layout design
Type specimen booklet showing my typeface named Spur. Spur is inspired by childhood nostalgia, and uses letterforms reminiscent of curly iron fences and classic cursive.